Tula (Curaçao)

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Portret Tula Curacao.jpg
Modern artist impression of Tula
by Edsel Selberie
Died(1795-10-03)3 October 1795
Cause of deathExecution by torture[1]
MonumentsTula Monument on the south coast of Curaçao[1]
Known forLeading the Curaçao Slave Revolt of 1795[1]

Tula (? - 3 October 1795), also known as Tula Rigaud, was an African man enslaved on the island of Curaçao, in the Dutch West Indies, who liberated himself and led the Curaçao Slave Revolt of 1795. The revolt, which began on 17 August 1795, lasted for more than a month.[2] He was executed on 3 October 1795. He is revered on Curaçao today as a fighter for human rights and independence. [1]

The film Tula: The Revolt (2013) is based on Tula's life story.[3]

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