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The history of the Tula teacher training college №1 begins on October 6, 1945 when the decision of Tuloblispolkom and the order of the Ministry of Public Education of the Russian Federation was open Tula pedagogical school: the area felt sharp requirement for cadres of teachers of primary classes.

During the existence the school some times changed the name, was exposed to reorganization, moved from one building in another, however its reputation in pedagogical circles of area remained steady: for more than 60 years it has prepared 7244 experts of an average link.

In 1964 in school, besides school branch, it is organized musical which prepares teachers of music, musical heads, experts in additional education of children, organizers of musical leisure of youth.

Since 1984 the school is headed by the Honored teacher of the Russian Federation Vladimir Aleksandrovich Yevseyev.

Since September, 1st, 1992 Tula pedagogical school was reorganized in the Tula teacher training college №1.

In 1992 on the basis of college with assistance of the Tula pedagogical university of L.N.Tolstoy and Department of education preparation of teachers of initial classes with the right of teaching of English language at elementary school has been organized. The deputy director on scientifically-methodical work, the professor of chair of English philology Tula pedagogical university A.A.Malchenko became the head of work on introduction of a new speciality.

In 1994 on the basis of college comprehensive school "Vocation" is opened.

In 1995 under the recommendation of Department of education the experimental set of students on a speciality "Foreign language" on the basis of 11 classes with term of training of 2 year 10 months has been made

In 1996 the correspondence education department for the purpose of preparation of teachers of additional education is opened.

Today the Tula teacher training college №1, being a part of the developed education system of the Tula region, promotes the decision of problems of vocational training and increase of educational level of citizens, and also adaptation of socially unprotected layers of youth. The college constantly expands a spectrum of given educational services at the expense of opening of new specialities and additional preparations within the limits of realized specialities.

Now Tula pedagogical college №1 is the multipurpose, versatile educational institution realizing educational programs of a various orientation on a budgetary and off-budget basis according to the license: - additional educational programs for preschool children (image center); -education programs (a division of secondary school "Vocation"); -professional education programs (Level 2, 5-way, 6 specialties, 4 specialization, 2 students).

Training are more than 80 skilled full-time teachers (8 teachers honored Russian Federation, 13 Honors Public Education of the Russian Federation, 11 honorary workers STRs, 57 teachers with the highest category, 12 teachers with a category). The structure of the college three offices: school, music, correspondence.


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