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Tullykelter Castle is a castle located in Northern Ireland. In 1616 Archbishop Malcolm Hamilton of Monea Castle, granted land for the castle to James Somerville, and his wife Elizabeth. Elizabeth Somerville is felt to be the daughter of Thomas Hamilton of Brimhill. They had a daughter which married the Archbishop's third son; Captain John.[1]

Tullykelter, near and south of Monea (Hamilton), Hume, and Tully (Hume) Castles


Tullykelter (from the Irish Tulaigh Chealtchair) is in a townland in the Monea area carrying its name on a hilltop about a mile southwest of Monea Castle in County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland. Tullykelter Castle is now in ruins with heavy overgrowth which makes inspection very difficult. Has two main floors 60 by 20 feet on the inside.[2]

James and Elizabeth (Hamilton) Somerville[edit]

James Somerville is of Cambusnethan in Ayrshire, Scotland. James and Elizabeth, by leasing land to native Irish broken the agreement of land ownership, which caused the land which he leased to be forfeited. James and Elizabeth took the Oath of Supremacy, but a lessee Daniel Elliot who was given the position of caulter; purchaser, accountant title the Tullycaulter of Tullykelter, did not take the Oath of Allegiance, a type of loyalty oath for his position of caulter (purchaser-accountant).


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Coordinates: 54°22′59″N 7°45′43″W / 54.3830°N 7.7620°W / 54.3830; -7.7620