Karameh Border Crossing

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Karameh Border Crossing
مركز حدود الكرامة
مجمع طريبيل الحدودي
Karameh Border Crossing in 2009
Coordinates Coordinates: 32°44′17.78″N 39°00′9.75″E / 32.7382722°N 39.0027083°E / 32.7382722; 39.0027083
Carries Pedestrians, Vehicles, Containers
Locale Jordan Ruwaished, Jordan
Iraq Turaibil, Iraq
Official name Karameh Border Crossing (in Jordan)
Turaibil Border Complex (in Iraq)
Maintained by Jordanian Borders and Residence Department
Anbar Governorate Authority
Opened 4 November 1991
Daily traffic 2192 pedestrians in 2010
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Karameh Border Crossing (Arabic: مركز حدود الكرامة) is the only border crossing between Jordan and Iraq. On the Iraqi side it is called the Turaibil Border Compound (Arabic: مجمع طريبيل الحدودي). The crossing served about 800,000 passengers in the year 2010 according to Al-Arab Al-Yawm newspaper. It connects the Jordanian town of Ruwaished to the Iraqi town of Turaibil.

The border crossing is about 320 km (199 miles) from Jordan's capital Amman and 575 km (357 miles) from the Iraqi capital Baghdad. On 22 June 2014, the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant assaulted the border crossing and clashed with the Iraqi Army in an attempt to capture the crossing.

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