El Turbón

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El Turbón
View of El Turbón
Highest point
Elevation 2,492 m (8,176 ft)
Listing List of mountains in Aragon
Coordinates 42°25′N 0°30′E / 42.417°N 0.500°E / 42.417; 0.500Coordinates: 42°25′N 0°30′E / 42.417°N 0.500°E / 42.417; 0.500
El Turbón is located in Pyrenees
El Turbón
El Turbón
Location in the Pre-Pyrenees area
Location Ribagorza, Aragon
Parent range Pre-Pyrenees
Mountain type Marl (Cretaceous)
Easiest route From the Merendero de la Muria, between Pont de Suert and Castejón de Sos

El Turbón is a mountain massif of the Pre-Pyrenees, located in the province of Huesca, the most northerly province in the autonomous community of Aragon, Spain. This 6.3 km (4 mi) long mountain is aligned N - S.

It is fairly easy to climb El Turbón, but it is better not to do so in mid summer when this great expanse of naked rock can reach very high temperatures.


El Turbón has a massive rocky limestone outcrop at its centre made of Cretaceous marl. There are caves and shafts in the mountain. The Isábena River flows on the eastern side, separating El Turbón massif from the Mountains of Sis range.[1]


View of El Turbón with snow in the winter.
El Turbón seen from the Barasona dam
El Turbón seen from the north.

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