Turi Munthe

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Turi Munthe
Rome, Italy
NationalityBritish, French
Occupation(s)Journalist, Entrepreneur

Turi Munthe FRSA (born 1976) is an Anglo-French journalist and entrepreneur.[1] He is the founder of Demotix, which became the largest network of photojournalists in the world,[2] as well as Parlia, an encyclopaedia of opinion.[3]


Munthe studied Arabic and History at Oxford, Hebrew at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and dropped out of a PhD at NYU in Anthropology of Religion[4] to start a (failed) biofuels business in Ghana.[5]


Munthe began his career with IBTauris, while writing for the British and US press on Middle East politics.[6][7] He published The Saddam Hussein Reader,[8] before covering the 2nd Gulf War as a freelance journalist.[9] He then launched The Beirut Review, a cultural magazine published with the Daily Star under Rami Khouri,[10] before returning to London as Head of the Middle East Programme at the Royal United Services Institute.[11]

In late 2007, he founded Demotix with Jonathan Tepper.[12] Demotix built a network of 75,000 contributors around the world and exited to Corbis Corporation in 2012.[13] Munthe joined Marcus Brauchli and Sasa Vucinic’s North Base Media as a Venture Partner in 2015,[14][citation needed] before founding Parlia in 2019.[citation needed] In 2015, he co-curated the Global Art Forum[15] with Sultan al-Qassemi and Shumon Basar.[16]

Munthe has lectured on new media all over the world, and has made regular news appearances.[17][18] He sits on the boards of openDemocracy, The New Humanitarian[19] and The Signals Network,[20] and has been a trustee of Index on Censorship and The Bureau for Investigative Journalism.[21] He sits on the board of GEDI Gruppo Editoriale, the largest newspaper conglomerate in Italy.[22]


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