Turkic loanwords in Armenian

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The vast majority of loanwords from the Turkic languages in the Armenian language are geographically located close to Turkic-speaking regions.[1] This concerns, first of all, the Istanbul Armenian dialect of the language in which most of borrowings from Turkish language.[2]

However, the influence of the Turkic languages spread not primarily a literary language, and mainly on the dialects.[clarification needed] Therefore, Turkic loanwords are only to a negligible extent preserved in the literary language. In general, according to Hrachia Acharian, both versions of literary Armenian language contain very little Turkic loanwords.[1] The language of the Ashiks was full of dialect, as well as Turkic and Iranian loanwords.[3]

Some Turkic loanwords became international words, found in other languages as well as Armenian and Turkic.[1]


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