Turkish Ice Hockey First League

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Turkish Ice Hockey First League
TBHBL Logo.png
Sport Ice hockey
Founded 2005
No. of teams 6
Country TurkeyTurkey
Most recent
Official website tbhf.org.tr

The Turkish Ice Hockey First League (Turkish: Türkiye Buz Hokeyi 1. Ligi) is the second highest level of ice hockey in Turkey, after the Turkish Ice Hockey Super League.[1] It is operated under the jurisdiction of the Turkish Ice Hockey Federation, a member of the International Ice Hockey Federation.

2007-08 First League Clubs[edit]

The clubs to play in the 2007-2008 season are listed below, alongside their home towns.[2]

Club Home town Arena Founded Last season
ABBA Spor Kulübü Ankara Bel-Pa 2005
Ankara Emniyet Spor Kulübü Ankara Bel-Pa 1990 2nd
Ankara Üniversitesi Spor Kulübü Ankara Bel-Pa 1948
İzmit Şirintepe Spor Kulübü Izmit Kocaeli 2000
ODTÜ Spor Kulübü Ankara Bel-Pa 1962 4th
Truva Paten Spor Kulübü Istanbul Galleria 2005 5th


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