Turn to Stone (album)

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Turn to Stone
Compilation album by Pentagram
Released 2002
Genre Doom metal
Heavy metal
Label Peaceville Records
Pentagram chronology
Turn to Stone
A Keg Full of Dynamite

Turn to Stone is a compilation album by Pentagram comprising songs from their first three albums: Relentless, Day of Reckoning and Be Forewarned. It was released by Peaceville Records in 2002.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Petrified"-5:54 (Liebling/Hasselvander) (from Be Forewarned)
  2. "Wartime"-5:22 (Griffin) (from Day of Reckoning)
  3. "All Your Sins"-4:36 (Liebling/Griffin) (from Relentless)
  4. "Frustration"-3:36 (Liebling) (from Be Forewarned)
  5. "Burning Savior"-9:06 (Griffin/Liebling) (from Day of Reckoning)
  6. "Sinister"-4:31 (Griffin) (from Relentless)
  7. "Bride of Evil"-4:34 (Hasselvander) (from Be Forewarned)
  8. "When the Screams Come"-3:40 (Liebling) (from Day of Reckoning)
  9. "Relentless"-3:47 (Griffin) (from Relentless)
  10. "Vampyre Love"-3:41 (Griffin) (from Be Forewarned)
  11. "Evil Seed"-4:39 (Griffin) (from Day of Reckoning)
  12. "The Ghoul"-5:12 (Hasselvander/Liebling) (from Relentless)
  13. "Wolf's Blood"-4:26 (Griffin) (from Be Forewarned)
  14. "Madman"-4:12 (Liebling) (from Day of Reckoning)
  15. "20 Buck Spin"-4:18 (Liebling) (from Relentless)
  16. "Death Row"-4:11 (Griffin) (from Relentless)
  17. "Live Free & Burn"-3:09 (Griffin/Hasselvander) (from Be Forewarned)


  • Bobby Liebling - vocals
  • Victor Griffin - guitar
  • Martin Swaney - bass
  • Joe Hasselvander - drums