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Turntable Health was a direct primary care clinic in Downtown Las Vegas, Nevada. It began as part of Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh’s $350 million economic revitalization project in Downtown Las Vegas. The clinic was founded by Zubin Damania, known by his YouTube screen name as ZDoggMD, who Hsieh recruited from the Bay Area in 2012.[1] The clinic was made in partnership with Iora Health.[2]

The clinic did not use the fee-for-service model and instead charged per patient per month capitation to sponsors (or membership fees to members). Individuals could gain access to Turntable as a benefit offered by an employer, through insurance,[3] and directly as a subscription.[4] There were plans to expand and build new locations as the clinic approaches a capacity of 5,000 patients. Turntable Health had been featured on TheNextWeb as one of "eight startups changing the healthcare industry."[5] Turntable Health shut down on January 31, 2017.[6]


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