Turo's Hevi Gee

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Turo's Hevi Gee
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Background information
Years active1985–present

Turo's Hevi Gee is a Finnish humorous band from Lahti. Notable hits of the band include "Tampere", "Kyntäjän poika" and "Punaiset on silmät". The band celebrates an annual Turo day in Lahti on 8 July. The band is most famous for creating cover versions of Finnish and foreign hit singles, replacing the lyrics with more humorous ones. The band was founded in 1985.

Current line-up[edit]

  • Janne Piiroinen (vocals)
  • Keppi Heinänen (guitar)
  • Hate Kinnunen (drums)
  • Arska Hukkanen (bass, background vocals)
  • Ismo Karonen (guitar)


  • Santapaperia (1989)
  • Rankimmat joululaulut (1989)
  • Elämää suurempi äänilevy (1990)
  • Tuleva keräilyharvinaisuus (1991)
  • Putket mutkalla (1995)
  • Ei se mitn! (1999)
  • Mitäs tilasit!! (2000)
  • Live! No Sleep 'til Pitkämäki (2001)
  • Rock'n'rollia G-Pisteestä (2003)
  • Lahest! (2006)
  • Turo's Hevi Gee (2007)


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