Tutto il mondo ride

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Tutto il mondo ride
Laurel and Hardy from a sketch of Come Clean
Directed by Ignazio Ferronetti
Written by Ignazio Ferronetti
Starring Charlie Chaplin, Aldo Fabrizi, Ettore Petrolini, Stan Laurel & Oliver Hardy, Harold Lloyd
Distributed by NAR, General Video, San Paolo Audiovisivi
Release date
Running time
100 min
Country Italy
Language Italian

Tutto il mondo ride is a 1952 Italian film.


The film is an anthology of old comedies of the silent and sound era of comedy films of the early 1900s. Laurel and Hardy also take part in quato mounting film and short film credits are taken from them filmography: Come Clean and Helpmates; with the original Italian dubbing of Mauro Zambuto (Laurel) and Alberto Sordi (Hardy).


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