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Tuzla is a word of Turkish origin which means "place of salt". There are several places that have this name:

  • Tuzla, Istanbul – a district and a municipality of Istanbul province, Turkey
  • Tuzla – a city and municipality in Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Tuzla, Constanța – a commune in Constanţa County, Romania
  • Lake Tuz – the second largest lake of Turkey
  • Tuzla Spit – a spit in the Strait of Kerch in Ukraine
    • Tuzla Island – an island in the Strait of Kerch in Ukraine
  • Enkomi or Tuzla – a village just outside the city of Famagusta (Gazimağusa) in north eastern Cyprus
  • Tuzla – a coastal community in Adana Province of Turkey.
  • On the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast:
    • Lake Shabla or Shablenska Tuzla, a saline lake near Shabla in Bulgaria
    • Taukliman or Nanevska Tuzla, a small lake near Kavarna in Bulgaria
    • Balchishka Tuzla, a small lake and balneological resort near Balchik in Bulgaria
  • MS Tuzla, now called MS Lodbrog, a Romanian ship