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Tuzla is a word of Turkish origin which means "place where animals are fed salt". Usually with flat stones where salt is served and the animals may lick from. There are several places that have this as place name:

  • Tuzla, Istanbul – a district and a municipality of Istanbul province, Turkey
  • Tuzla – a city and municipality in Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Tuzla, Constanța – a commune in Constanţa County, Romania
  • Lake Tuz – the second largest lake of Turkey
  • Tuzla Spit – a spit in the Strait of Kerch in Crimea
  • Enkomi or Tuzla – a village just outside the city of Famagusta (Gazimağusa) in north eastern Cyprus
  • Tuzla – a coastal community in Adana Province of Turkey.
  • On the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast:
    • Lake Shabla or Shablenska Tuzla, a saline lake near Shabla in Bulgaria
    • Taukliman or Nanevska Tuzla, a small lake near Kavarna in Bulgaria
    • Balchishka Tuzla, a small lake and balneological resort near Balchik in Bulgaria
  • MS Tuzla, now called MS Lodbrog, a Romanian ship