Twelfth Grade Kills

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Chronicles of Vladimir Tod: Twelfth Grade Kills
Twelfth Grade Kills.jpg
Book Cover
Author Zac Brewer
Cover artist Jason Henry
Country United States
Language English
Series Chronicles of Vladimir Tod (Book 5)
Genre Fantasy Fiction
Publisher Speak
Publication date
September 21, 2010
Media type Print (hardcover, paperback) Audio Book
Pages 325
ISBN 978-0-525-42224-2
Preceded by Eleventh Grade Burns

Twelfth Grade Kills is the final novel in Zac Brewer's, formerly Heather Brewer, Vladimir Tod series.


At the prologue of the book, D'Ablo is murdered by a mysterious man. He is described as familiar, but lacked further information because D'Ablo dies immediately afterward. But what so ever, there is a very high probability of being Vikas since Vlad saw his dad and Otis said he didn't do it. Being one of the leaders, D'Ablo must have meet Vikas before and they must be very familiar to each other.

Cutting back to the present, Vlad sees his father and doubts whether he really is there. He thinks he is going crazy from drinking Dorian's blood in the previous book. His dad then disappears, leaving Vlad with Dorian's corpse and a severely injured Joss lying on the ground. Henry later comes and is the one who calls the hospital for Joss. Vlad insists that he stays despite Henry's protests. Vlad and Henry then walk home to Nelly's while Vlad explains what happened during the night. When they reach Nelly's house, they are greeted by Em and Enrico. Em informs Vlad and his Uncle Otis that D'Ablo is dead. Vlad then negotiates with Em to let him go free if he gives her his father, who of which Vlad is still uncertain is alive. Em agrees and gives Vlad until the end of the year to hand over his father. She then tells Vlad that she is actually his great-grandmother. Vlad is immensely surprised, especially when Otis reassures him by saying it's true.

After Em's visit, Vlad and Henry go to the hospital to visit Joss. Two cops confront Vlad about Joss and Vlad answers some of their questions. Joss's mother will not let Vlad anywhere near Joss. After the visit, two more cops confront Vlad outside the hospital. The four cops attack Vlad, revealing that they are Slayers. Vlad knocks them unconscious with his vampire abilities.

Later that day, Vlad begins his search for his father all over town. Soon enough Henry, Otis and Vikas help him in the search. Finally, days later, Vlad decides to go to his hiding spot (the belfry) in the school. When he is there, he discovers his father, who greets him warmly and explains his motives for hiding. Vlad and his father finally make up go to their house as father and son. At the house Tomas says he was hiding from a secret vampire society that wants the Pravus to enslave vampire kind to make vampires the world's supreme rulers and that they were responsible for the fire and Mellina's death. Otis shows up soon after and gets angry at his half brother for making Vlad suffer for many years. At the end, Snow is turned into a vampire by Vlad to keep her from dying, and Tomas is revealed to be evil and a man who had Vlad just so Vlad could become the Pravus and then Tomas could take his powers. Tomas also killed Vlad's mom, and the man in the charred bed was Aidan, the son of Dorian. Nelly dies at the hand of Tomas, then later Vlad kills Tomas with Joss's stake. Vikas turned out to be Tomas' partner in crime and had helped Tomas kill Mellina, Vlad's mom. Vikas had opened the drapes to burn Aidan. Vikas is killed by the Lucis which slips from Vlad's hand- while on- and falls over the edge of a building, slicing an unsuspecting Vikas in half. Also, it is supposedly revealed that Snow's eyes turn iridescent green near the end, leaving Vlad to wonder what the future may hold.

Main Characters[edit]

  • Vladimir “Vlad” Tod– The main character. He is the object of a prophecy that describes him as pie less of the weaknesses. His two drudges are Henry McMillan and Snow (but she is released).
  • Nelly- Vlad's guardian/aunt, Mellina's best friend. Vlad lived with her after the death of his mom. She worked at the hospital and fed Vlad old donated bloodbags. Was engaged to Otis. Dies when Tomas feeds from her.
  • Dorian– Keeper of the Pravus prophecy. He wants to feed on Vlad. He is accidentally killed by Joss, but not before passing the prophecy on to Vlad.
  • Eddie Poe- A student journalist who is obsessed with Vlad. He learns that Vlad is a vampire. He gets kicked out of Bathory High for writing an article about Vlad. He is blackmailing Vlad to make him a vampire or he will reveal Vlad's secret. He gets turned into a vampire by Em at the end of this story.
  • Em- The oldest living vampire, but is in the form of a 16- or 17-year-old teenage girl. She is the leader of the Council of Elders. Eddie's creator.
  • Enrico– The owner of the V-Bar. Dorian’s creator. Dies at the hands of Tomas Tod.
  • Henry McMillan- Vlad’s best friend, and also his drudge, having been bitten by Vlad when they were in 3rd grade. He becomes more loyal to Vlad when his cousin Joss comes back in Eleventh Grade Burns. The friendship he forms with October, one of Vlad's goth friends, grows stronger as evidenced by when he gives her a mix tape, visits the goths' hangout with Vlad in order to see her, and when he decides to ask her to a concert when Vlad turns him down. They are later revealed to be a couple at the end of the novel and are supposedly going to the same college as Vlad in Stokerton.
  • Joss McMillan- Henry's cousin and a member of the Slayer society. His current assignment is to eradicate the three known vampires in Bathory- Vladimir Tod, Otis, and Vikas, but he doesn't want to kill Vlad.
  • David “Kristoff" – A goth who is not on good terms with Vlad. He is crushing on October, another goth, and previously lived next door to Henry.
  • Melissa Hart– Henry’s former girlfriend and Meredith's best friend.
  • Meredith Brookstone– Vlad’s ex-girlfriend whom he still has feelings for. He breaks up with her at Freedom Fest because he got hungry and was afraid of hurting her. He gets over her when he realizes that she doesn't know him personally.
  • Otis Otis- A vampire and Vlad’s "Uncle" by virtues of Tomas and Otis having been bitten (created) by the same vampire. Friend of Vikas and Fiance to Nelly. Vlad considers him to be his dad.
  • Snow– One of Vlad’s drudges. She is regularly fed upon by Vlad and she has a crush on him. She is released by Vlad as a drudge because he has feelings for her but does not want to act on them. But they both stay together as friends and then later on become more than that as girlfriend and boyfriend. Vlad makes her a vampire at the end of the series.
  • Tomas Tod- Vlad’s biological Father - not creator. Tomas was thought to be long dead. He turns out to be an evil man who only had Vlad because he wanted his Pravus powers for himself.
  • Vikas– Vlad’s mentor. A Siberian vampire; Tomas' partner in crime. Part of the Council.

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