Tyndale Theological Seminary

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Tyndale Theological Seminary
Type Private seminary
Affiliation Christian
President Christopher Cone, Patrick Belvill (current)
Location Fort Worth, Texas, United States
32°49′24″N 97°11′03″W / 32.823414°N 97.184216°W / 32.823414; -97.184216Coordinates: 32°49′24″N 97°11′03″W / 32.823414°N 97.184216°W / 32.823414; -97.184216
Website tyndale.edu

Tyndale Theological Seminary is an American unaccredited private Christian seminary with its campus in Fort Worth, Texas.

Accreditation and lawsuit[edit]

Tyndale's 2007-2008 Academic Catalog states that "Tyndale Theological Seminary and Biblical Institute is not accredited, and has no plans to pursue any type of accreditation for several particular reasons..."[1]

In 1998, Tyndale Theological Seminary was fined $173,000 for issuing degrees as a seminary without a license.[2] The case led to public criticism of the seminary.[3] On August 31, 2007, an 8 to 0 decision by the Supreme Court of Texas returned the $173,000 to Tyndale.[4]


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