Type 210 100 mm naval gun

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The Type 210 automatic single 100 mm naval gun is the Chinese modification of the Compact model of the French 100 mm naval gun. There are at least two variants, with both sharing similar characteristics with the French weapon.[1]

Type 210[edit]

The Type 210 was developed to make the French gun suitable for Chinese deployment. The French gun was incompatible with Soviet and Chinese electronics; it was easier to make the gun compatible with these electronics, and Western electronics, than to alter the electronic suites already aboard warships. Furthermore, the Chinese added the capability to fire laser- and infrared-guided shells; this required significant changes to the magazine.[citation needed]

The weapon's maximum rate of fire for a single type of unguided round was 90 rounds per minute. The rate of fire was reduced when switching between different types of ammunition.[1]

Type H/PJ87[edit]

The Type H/PJ87 100 mm naval gun was a further development of the Type 210.[1] The most obvious external difference was that the Type H/PJ87 was mounted in a reduced radar cross-section turret.[citation needed]

The Type H/PJ87 is replacing all other large calibre guns aboard frontline Chinese warships.[citation needed]


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