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Andrey Alyoshkin's impression of king Tyushtya.

Tyushtya (Moksha: Тюштень) (IV c.) - is a Mokshan epic hero character based on Moksha legends survived mostly among Mokshas living in on the right bank of Volga and in Siberia. He serves as a symbol of Moksha's struggle with Russian expansion. Tyushtya is also regarded as the great leader of the Moksha, Erzya and Meschera alliance.

In the Mastorava epic, Tyushtya is a peasant elected by people to be the king and leader of Moksha, Erzya and Meschera clans alliance and the warlord of the allied army. During his rule, Mokshaland stretched from Volga to Dnieper and from the Oka to the Black Sea.

In Mordvin mythology, Tyushtya is a Moon god, son of the Thunder god and the mortal girl Litova. His age changes every month, following the phases of the Moon.


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