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This article is about the study association in Maastricht, Netherlands. For other uses, see Universalis (disambiguation).
UCMSA Universalis
An unofficial version of the UCMSA Universalis logo, from September 2013.
Association Information
Full name University College Maastricht Study Association
Abbreviation UCMSA Universalis
Formation December 3, 2002; 13 years ago (2002-12-03)
Legal status Study Association
Location Maastricht, The Netherlands
Membership 600-700
Official language English
Affiliations University College Maastricht, Maastricht University
Website [1]
Executive Board
President Emilie Frijns
Secretary Lucia van der Meulen
Treasurer Lian Swinkels
Executives Elena Klaas, Janine de Jong, Emma Bergmans
Academic Council
Chair Laura Rahmeier
Treasurer Thomas Verbeek
Members Sean Trummer, Deborah Koll, Geke Hasperhoven

UCMSA Universalis is a multicultural and multidisciplinary student society directly affiliated with the University College Maastricht. It is run by UCM students for UCM students and contributes to both academic and social life at UCM. The association is involved in the organisation of debates, poetry readings, parties, charity fundraisers, student representation, and other events.[1] Following a structure typical of Maastricht University study associations, it is led by an executive board of seven. Next to the executive board, an academic board has responsibilities in the areas of event organisation, student/staff coordination and student representation. Active members are organised as committees which provide services for all students at the college. All new students automatically become a member upon enrolment at the college.

Organisation structure[edit]

There are seven members on the UCMSA Universalis Executive Board: President, Treasurer, Secretary, PR Officer and three Executives. Currently only the President is elected, the rest of the Board are selected by the previous Board. Board members serve for one or two semesters after which they can re-apply.[2] Executive Board meetings are held once a week, currently on a Friday. Universalis's committees and societies operate underneath the Executive Board, who seek to financially and logistically facilitate all committee activities.

The Academic Council works in parallel with the Study Association Board, with five members: Chair, Treasurer, Secretary and two other members. The Council consists of the student members of University College Maastricht's Board of Studies, who are responsible for evaluating academic courses and affairs.

Current Committees and Societies[edit]

Arts & Photo Committee

Charity Committee

Culture Committee

Chess Society

Dance Society

Excursion Committee

Feminism Society

Film Society

Harry Potter Society

Mediation Society

Music Committee

Newsroom Committee

Party Committee

Politics Society

Sport Committee

Sustainability Committee

Theatrical Society


At the beginning of September 2002 UCM's first students gathered in the back yard of the newly founded college. Several students formed an informal founding committee to get a student society started.[3] Because the diversity of UCM's students and its curriculum, they decided that Da Vinci's Homo Universalis was a suitable symbol for the student society's identity. It represents the juxtaposition of different interests in its members and of the diverse UCM student body. The founding committee decided to call the association Universalis and Brian Pagán designed the logo, a stylised version of the Vitruvian Man. The first unofficial Universalis general meeting was held on 19 September 2002. The organisation's structure was drawn up by the founding committee and the first board was elected. The organisation was registered with the Maastricht Chamber of Commerce and certified by a notary on 3 December 2002, marking the official establishment of UCM Study Association Universalis.[4]

Past composition of the Executive Board[edit]

President Treasurer Secretary Executives Public Relations Officer
Spring 2015 Emilie Frijns Lian Swinkels Lucia van der Meulen Elena Klaas, Janine de Jong, Emma Bergmans
Fall 2014 Emilie Frijns Lian Swinkels Anne Lycia ten Cate Elena Klaas, Janine de Jong, Lucia van der Meulen
Spring 2014 Esmee Schoutens Leanne Heuberger Emilie Frijns Lorenzo Andreoli, Svea Windwehr, Alice Paris Jan Litjens
Fall 2013 Elliot Burke-Perrin Leanne Heuberger Esmee Schoutens Lorenzo Andreoli, Rhea Mills, Alice Paris Jan Litjens
Spring 2013 Elliot Burke-Perrin Cas van der Hoven Dominic Christian Julia Konig, Julie Richert, Olof van der Werf Jan Steinke
President Treasurer Secretary Social Chair Academic Chair Public Relations Officer
Autumn 2012 Jan Meijer Elina Muceniece Dominic Christian Christine Baljet Christophe Verrier Jan Steinke
President Treasurer Secretary Social AO Academic AO Internal CO External CO
Spring 2012 Caroline Mattias Florian Simonsen Menno Reijven Christine Baljet Arno Angerer Jan Meijer Elina Muceniece
Autumn 2011 Philipp Dienstbier Vadim de Waart Maria Tenberge Catriona O'Sullivan Svenja Engels Isabel Voets Simonas Savickas
Spring 2011 Rogier Hanselaar Menno van der Ven Maria Tenberge Roos Malmberg Veronika Brantová Pieter Kuijsten Simonas Savickas
Autumn 2010 Rogier Hanselaar Anne Verroen Esmee Bergman Roos Malmberg Veronika Brantová Christina Leuker Elena Buscher
Spring 2010 Harm van Leeuwen Astrid Dalsegg Eszter Boros Lieke de Boer Veronika Brantová Christina Leuker Elena Buscher
President Treasurer Secretary Social AO Academic AO Public Relations Officer
Autumn 2009 Harm van Leeuwen Astrid Dalsegg Eszter Boros Lieke de Boer Benjamin Ahnert Pascal Possler
2008–2009 Nina Weser (2008)
Yela Naletto (2009)
Aernout Verhallen Theresa Schlagheck Pieter Verhallen Sarah Kunz Susanne Kuhrmann (2008)
Pascal Possler (2009)
2007–2008 Steffie van Kuppevelt Anke Kip Annika Lie (2007)
Mayke Geradts (2008)
Melanie Kruger Nina Weser Iona Ebben (2007)
Susanne Kuhrmann (2008)
2006–2007 Iris Burks Daan Cramer Thurid Bahr
Annika Lie (2007)
Jakob Josten
2005–2006 Johan Peters Tobias Müller Kai Störmer Eliot Rolen Kim Solberg
2004–2005 Jennifer Plenter Gertjan Lucas (2004)
Johan Peters (2005)
Govert Veldhuijzen (2004)
Raphael Hartmann (2005)
Vincent Tangena Stéphanie Bijlmakers Jesper Kleingeld
President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Internal AO Public Relations Officer
2003–2004 Erik Pot Miquel Staal Gertjan Lucas Sjors Martens Jennifer Plenter Lucas Josten (2003)
Jesper Kleingeld (2004)
2002–2003 Erik Pot Brian Pagán Gertjan Lucas Peter Wiebe Lucas Josten Jennifer Plenter


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