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University Mobility in Asia and the Pacific (UMAP) has developed a pilot UMAP Credit Transfer Scheme (UCTS) to facilitate greater student mobility in the region by providing a framework for establishing credit transfer arrangements.[1] UCTS model adopted the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) in order to assist and facilitate the student mobility and create a flexible mean of transferring grades between participating universities, countries/territories and governments.[2]


The UCTS objective is to ensure effective credit transfer for students undertaking exchange program in universities from UMAP countries/territories and other regions.[3]

UCTS Components[edit]

Some of the major components of the UCTS scheme are:

  • Staff in home and host universities needs to negotiate and oversee student program
  • UCTS credit point scale will be used as a conversion scale to record the student workload in home and host institution [4]

Home University Responsibilities[edit]

  • Negotiation of the study program in the host university
  • Record the approved study program
  • Arrange the level of financial support
  • Convert UCTS credit points to home university equivalents[4]

Host University Responsibilities[edit]

  • Negotiation of the study program with the university
  • Authorize the approved study program
  • Enter the host university credist/grades, and convert them to UCTS credit points
  • Ensure that the registrar (or delegate) provides official certification of the Transcript[4]

UCTS Credit Points[edit]

UCTS credit points are numerical values (1 to 60) and it is allocated to course units to measure student workload required to finish the course. 60 credit points represent full-time student workload for a full academic year. For one semester exchange student, the credit points would be represented with 30 credit points.

Example: One Semester Study Program in Host University (Host University = 16 Credit point per semester; Home University = 6 credit points per term)

Course Unit Host University UCTS Home University
A 4 7.5 2.25
B 4 7.5 2.25
C 4 7.5 2.25
D 4 7.5 2.25
Total 16 30.0 9.0


Conversion from Host University Credit Points to UCTS: 4*30/16[5]

Conversion from UCTS to Home University Credit Points: 7.5*9/30[5]

Converting Credit Points[edit]

  • Credit points measures student workload, however this does not represent the achievements
  • Credit Points should only be awarded to those who successfully completed the requirements of a course unit
  • The calculation should be made in terms of minimum and not average[5]

UCTS Grading Scale[edit]

The UCTS credit points scale and grading scale are not intended to replace host and home universities scales. It is used solely for the purpose of assisting the conversion.[1]

UCTS Grade Successful Students normally achieving grade (%) Definition
A 10 % EXCELLENT: Outstanding with only minor errors
B 25 % VERY GOOD: Above average standard but with some errors
C 30 % GOOD: Generally sound work with a number of notable errors
D 25 % SATISFACTORY: Fair but with significant shortcomings
E 10 % SUFFICIENT: Performance meets the minimum criteria
FX - FAIL: Some more work required before the credit can be awarded
F - FAIL: Considerable further work is required


The grading scale of universities will vary between countries/territories within UMAP. As in European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS), it is necessary to have a common scale for conversion purposes.[6]

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