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United States
Key people
Shawn Griffin, MD, President and CEO
ProductsAccreditation, Education and Measurement Services
Number of employees
over 60

URAC is a Washington DC-based non-profit organization[1] that helps promote health care quality through the accreditation of organizations involved in medical care services, as well as by offering education and measurement programs. Founded under the name Utilization Review Accreditation Commission in 1990, the name "was shortened to the acronym URAC in 1996 when it began accrediting other types of organizations such as health plans, pharmacies, and provider organizations".[2]

URAC accreditation is given to an organization for a period of up to three years.[3] An organization must go through a review again after this period expires in order to maintain their accredited status.

It is noted that "[t]he amount of time it takes for an organization to prepare an application... may vary depending on whether the appropriate work processes, policies, and procedures are in place" and "the type of accreditation you are seeking". The website states that it "usually takes four to six months to complete an accreditation review once URAC receives your completed application".[4]

Accreditation standards for URAC programs are developed by independent experts, relying on advisory committees of experts in health care delivery. After internal discussion, the organization makes them available for public comment, refines them further based on comments, then passes them to URAC's independent advisory group for approval. URAC's board of directors gives final approval of accreditation standards. Typically these standards are updated every three years, so as to stay up to date with changes in the health care field.[5][6]

As of January 2016, the URAC website listed that it offered the following accreditation programs:[7]

  • Accountable Care Accreditation
  • Case Management
  • Clinical Integration Accreditation
  • Community Pharmacy
  • Comprehensive Wellness
  • Credentials Verification Organization
  • Dental Network
  • Disease Management
  • Drug Therapy Management
  • Health Call Center
  • Health Content Provider
  • Health Network
  • Health Plan
  • Health Plan with Health Insurance Marketplace
  • Health Plan Quality Measures
  • Health Website
  • Health Utilization Management
  • Independent Review Organization
  • Mail Service Pharmacy
  • Medicare Advantage
  • Patient Centered Medical Home
  • Pharmacy Benefit Management
  • Provider Credentialing
  • Specialty Pharmacy
  • Telehealth
  • Transitions of Care Designation
  • Workers' Compensation Property and Casualty Pharmacy Benefit Management
  • Workers' Compensation Utilization Management

Educational programs include workshops, conferences, webinars and audio conferences open to individuals and companies in the health care industry. These programs cover best practices in URAC accreditation, and news on issues in health care presented by industry professionals and URAC staff.[8]


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