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The USA Biology Olympiad (USABO) is a national competition sponsored by the Center for Excellence in Education to select the competitors for the International Biology Olympiad. Each year, twenty National Finalists gather at a nationally recognized institution for a two-week training camp. From the program's inception through 2009, the camp was held at George Mason University; as of 2010, the camp is instead held at Purdue University. At the end of the two weeks, four students are selected to represent the United States at the International Biology Olympiad.[1]


USABO finalists are selected in two rounds of tests. The open exam is a short and challenging, multiple-choice exam open to all high school students which was administered on February 4–14. The top 500 or 10% of the competitors advance to the semi-final round, which will be administered March 19–28. This second exam consists of two multiple-choice sections and one free response. The twenty highest scorers move on to the USABO Finals. After the ten-day training period, the Finalists undergo a day of practical examinations and a day of theoretical testing similar, in some respects, to the semifinal examination; however, the finals exam is far more comprehensive.[2]

USA Team Members attending IBO[edit]

2003 - Minsk,  Belarus
Michael Xiang - 21st place, Silver
Kay Aull - 27th place, Silver
Kelley Harris - 62nd place, Bronze
Victor Li - 64th place, Bronze

2004 - Brisbane,  Australia
Kay Aull - 3rd place, Gold
Brad Hargreaves - 5th place, Gold
Clinton Hansen - 7th place, Gold
ZeNan Chang - 15th place, Gold

2005 - Beijing,  China
Robin Zhou - 9th place, Gold
Chris Krueger - 10th place, Gold
Steven Hao - 21st place, Silver
Grace Eckhoff - 24th place, Silver

2006 - Río Cuarto,  Argentina
Jawon Lee - 4th place, Gold
Allen Lin - 10th place, Gold
Jason Wu - 29th place, Silver
Meng Xiao He - 49th place, Silver

2007 - Saskatoon,  Canada
Meng Xiao He - 2nd place, Gold
Helen Yang - 9th place, Gold
Barry Liu - 10th place, Gold
Mark Shteyn - 11th place, Gold

2008 - Mumbai,  India
Jonathan Liang - 3rd place, Gold
David Huang - 17th place, Gold
Seungsoo Kim - 19th place, Gold
Jonathan Gootenberg - 21st place, Gold

2009 - Tsukuba,  Japan
Jonathan Liang - 2nd place, Gold
Seungsoo Kim - 11th place, Gold
Jonathan Gootenberg - 16th place, Gold
David Huang - 19th place, Gold

2010 - Changwon,  South Korea
Chelsea Voss - 3rd place, Gold
Eric Liaw - 4th place, Gold
Charles Du - 5th place, Gold
Debra Van Egeren - 26th place, Silver

2011 - Taipei,  Taiwan
Rebecca Shi - 1st place, Gold
Charles Du - 3rd place, Gold
Chelsea Voss - 4th place, Gold
Shulin Ye - 7th place, Gold

2012 - Singapore,  Singapore
Lei "Jerry" Ding - 2nd place, Gold
Jing "Raymond" Liu - 3rd place, Gold
Nikhil Buduma - 17th place, Gold
Kevin Ma - 21st place, Gold

2013 - Bern,   Switzerland
Charles "Charlie" Gleason - 1st place, Gold
Lei "Jerry" Ding - 2nd place, Gold
Catherine Wu - 6th place, Gold
Nikhil Buduma - 8th place, Gold

2014 - Bali,  Indonesia
William "Will" Long - 5th place, Gold
Yilun Du - 9th place, Gold
Varun Mangalick - 19th place, Gold
Abhijit Mudigonda - 30th place, Silver

2015 - Aarhus,  Denmark
Boyang "Peter" Dun - 2nd Place, Gold
Varun Mangalick - 7th place, Gold
Grace Chen - 15th place, Gold
Yilun Du - 23rd place, Gold

2016 - Hanoi,  Vietnam
Boyang "Peter" Dun - 7th place, Gold
Bowen Jing - 10th place, Gold
Thomas Xiong - 26th place, Gold
Varkey Alumootil - 35th place, Silver

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