USS Neptune

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USS Neptune has been the name of more than one United States Navy ship, and may refer to:

  • USS Clyde (1863), a 294-ton side-wheel steam gunboat, was briefly named Neptune when first commissioned
  • USS Neptune (1863), a 1244-ton screw steamship, served during the American Civil War
  • USS Manhattan (1863), a monitor in commission from 1864 to 1877, briefly named USS Neptune during 1869
  • USS Neptune (AC-8), was a collier that carried the first United States troops to Europe in World War I
  • USNS Neptune (ARC-2), was a Neptune-class cable repair ship, acquired by the US Navy in 1953 and scrapped in 2005

In fiction

  • A fictitious U.S. Navy nuclear submarine named USS Neptune was the setting of the 1978 movie Gray Lady Down