Uisko-class landing craft

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Uisko U216 ja U309.JPG
Class overview
Name: Uisko
Preceded by: G class landing craft
Succeeded by: Jurmo class landing craft
General characteristics
Type: landing craft, personnel
Displacement: 10 tons
Length: 10.5 m
Beam: 3.5 m
Draught: 0.6 m
Propulsion: Diesel 490 kW combined with waterjet
  • 35 knots
  • 30 knots (full load)
  • 1× 12.7 mm NSV machine gun or
  • 1× 40 mm grenade machine gun
Armour: Kevlar lining

The Uisko class, also known as the Marine Alutech Watercat M11 landing craft is a type of vessel in use by the Finnish Navy. It is the predecessor of the Jurmo class landing craft. Uisko was the first water jet vessel of the Finnish Navy. It features excellent maneuverability and low draft suitable for shallow waters. It can be used for amphibious assault and transport of marine infantry. The uisko has a cargo capacity of 2.5 tons.


  • U-200 series: U210-U211
  • U-300 series: U301-U317
  • U-400 series: U400-
  • U-600 Series: U601-638 (Jurmo class)
  • U-700 series: U700-712 (Jehu class)[1]

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