Ukit Took

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Ukit Took
Ajaw of copan
Reign 6 February 822-<830
Predecessor Yax Pasaj Chan Yopaat
Successor None
Born ?
Died ?

Ukit Took' was the last Ajaw of Copan. He came to the throne on 6 February 822.[1] He commissioned Altar L in the style of Altar Q but the monument was never finished — one face shows the enthronement of the king and a second face was started but two others were completely blank. The long line of kings at the once great city had come to an end.[2] Before the end, even the nobility had been struck by disease, perhaps because epidemics among the malnourished masses spread to the elite. With the end of political authority at the city the population collapsed to a fraction of what it had been at its height. This collapse of the city-state, which people believe occurred sometime between 822 and 830 AD, was sudden.[3]


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