Ukrainian Marketing Association

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Ukrainian Marketing Association
Ukrainian Marketing Association (logo).gif
Formation 2005
Type An umbrella organization specializing in the professional development and standards of marketing and sociological research organizations in Ukraine.
Headquarters Kiev, Ukraine

Ukrainian Marketing Association (Ukrainian: Українська Асоціація Маркетингу) is a Ukrainian non-governmental professional development and industry standards organization for marketing and sociological research companies established in Ukraine.


All-Ukrainian public organization UMA has two types of membership: Individual and collective.

  • Individual members : market specialists and managers of different branches of industry, managers and experts of marketing research agencies, lecturers of the marketing departments in the education institutions.
  • Collective members : marketing and consulting agencies, advertisement companies, educational establishments, firms which develop software for market specialists, enterprises of different field of national economy.

A list of affiliated organizations includes:


The Ukrainian Marketing Association publishes an online subscription Marketing Industry Newspaper and an annual report on its activities and membership.[1]


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  • "Main". Ukrainian Marketing Association. Retrieved 2009-09-03.