Ulldecona Dam

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Ulldecona Dam
View of the reservoir
Ulldecona Dam is located in Spain
Ulldecona Dam
Location of Ulldecona Dam in Spain
Official name Embassament d'Ulldecona
Country Spain
Location Pobla de Benifassà, Valencian Community, Spain
Coordinates 40°40′15″N 0°13′52″E / 40.67083°N 0.23111°E / 40.67083; 0.23111Coordinates: 40°40′15″N 0°13′52″E / 40.67083°N 0.23111°E / 40.67083; 0.23111
Status Operational
Opening date 1967
Dam and spillways
Type of dam Gravity dam
Impounds Barranc de la Fou, Barranc de Teulatí and Barranc de la Pobla
Height 54 m
Length 180 m
Total capacity 11 hm³
Surface area 817 ha

The Ulldecona Dam, known locally as Embassament d'Ulldecona or Pantà d'Ulldecona (Spanish: Embalse de Ulldecona) is a gravity dam located in the Tinença de Benifassà and the Ports de Tortosa-Beseit mountains, within the La Pobla de Benifassà municipal limits, Valencian Community, Spain.[1]


The reservoir is at the confluence of three seasonal rivers, the Barranc de la Fou, Barranc de Teulatí, also known as Barranc de la Tenalla, and the Barranc de la Pobla, all part of the Sénia River basin. The dam was built in 1967 and was financed by farmers from the town of Ulldecona, hence its name. Its reservoir reaches a surface of 817 ha with a capacity of 11 hm³.[2] This dam belongs to the Hydrographic Confederation of the Xúquer (Confederación Hidrográfica del Júcar/Confederació Hidrogràfica del Xúquer).[3] The abandoned village of Mangraner is located at the northwestern end of the reservoir not far from the shore.


The dam attracts tourists, especially in the summer. Right by the reservoir there is a restaurant, accommodation, pedalos and information about hiking routes in the neighboring karstic mountainous area. The easiest way to reach the Ulldecona Dam is from La Sénia town located close by.

View of the Ulldecona reservoir in the summer .
A winter snowstorm over the Ulldecona Dam.


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