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Ullsfjord herred
Former Municipality
Ullsfjord church in Sjursnes
Ullsfjord church in Sjursnes
Coordinates: 69°31′57″N 19°38′27″E / 69.53250°N 19.64083°E / 69.53250; 19.64083Coordinates: 69°31′57″N 19°38′27″E / 69.53250°N 19.64083°E / 69.53250; 19.64083
Country Norway
County Troms
District Nord-Norge
Municipality ID NO-1937
Adm. Center Sjursnes
 • Total 716 km2 (276 sq mi)
Created from Lyngen in 1902
Merged into Tromsø and Lyngen in 1964

Ullsfjord is a former municipality in Troms county in Norway. It is located in the eastern part of the present-day municipality of Tromsø and also the southwestern part of Lyngen. The municipality encompassed the area surrounding the Ullsfjorden east of Tromsø and west of Lyngen. The main church for the municipality was Ullsfjord Church, located in Sjursnes, the administrative centre of the municipality.[1]


The municipality was originally named Sørfjord from 1902 until 1938. This literally translates as "the southern fjord" (a branch of the larger Ullsfjorden). In 1938, the name of the municipality was changed to Ullsfjord, after the name of the nearby Ullsfjorden. The municipality's new name literally means the fjord of Ullr, a god from ancient Germanic paganism.[1][2]


The municipality of Sørfjord was established on 1 January 1902 when it was separated from the municipality of Lyngen. The new municipality had an initial population of 1,139. On 1 January 1965, the municipality–then named Ullsfjord–ceased to exist. The Svensby area (population: 171) was reunited with Lyngen, while the rest of Ullsfjord (population: 2,019) was merged into the neighboring municipality of Tromsø.[3]


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