Un aller simple (2001 film)

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Un aller simple
Directed by Laurent Heynemann
Written by Albert Algoud
Laurent Heynemann
Didier Van Cauwelaert
Starring Lorant Deutsch
Jacques Villeret
Barbara Schulz
Music by Bruno Coulais
Cinematography Carlo Varini
Edited by Marion Monestier
Release date
  • 31 May 2001 (2001-05-31)
Running time
90 minutes
Country France
Language French

Un aller simple (One-way ticket) is a French film directed by Laurent Heynemann, adapted from the novel of the same name by Didier Van Cauwelaert, which had won the Prix Goncourt in 1994.[1]


Aziz (Lorant Deutsch) was born in France, the child of unknown parents. Gathered up by gypsies from the area north of Marseille, he has grown up as a Moroccan national. Jean-Pierre (Jacques Villeret), is a civil servant in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He is being cheated on by his wife who is having an affair with his boss and he no longer feels attached to his Parisian life. It is given to Jean-Pierre to 're-integrate' Aziz, a stolen baby, raised by gypsies, neither Arab nor gypsy, into his 'native' country of Morocco. Aziz is an interesting client for him. But Aziz is just a young man without sure roots who has never set foot in Morocco, though he affects to belong to the tribe of the Grey Men of Irghiz who live in a forbidden city high in the Atlas Mountains. And the two rootless men make the acquaintance of the sparkling Valerie (Barbara Schulz) who will act as their guide.



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