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Una follia is an opera in one act by composer Gaetano Donizetti. The work premiered on 15 December 1818 at the Teatro San Luca in Venice. The opera uses the same Italian-language libretto by Bartolomeo Merelli after August von Kotzebue's Der Graf von Burgund that Donizetti used for his Enrico di Borgogna a month earlier, but with different music. It was given one performance and "never performed again, and its score has never been found."[1]


Role Voice type Premiere Cast,[2] 15 December 1818
Brunone baritone Giuseppe Fioravanti
Elisa mezzo-soprano Adelina Catalani
Enrico contralto Fanny Eckerlin
Geltrude soprano Adelaide Cassago
Gilberto bass Andrea Verni
Nicola bass Pietro Verducci
Pietro tenor Giuseppe Fusconi
Guido tenor Giuseppe Eliodoro Spech
Bruno bass Pietro Verducci



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