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Uncle Ray’s is the brand name of a line of food products established by "Uncle" Ray Jenkins. All Uncle Ray's brand products are currently produced by Uncle Ray's LLC in Detroit, Michigan. Uncle Ray's LLC (formerly Cabana Foods) specializes in Potato chips and other snack foods such as onion rings, pretzels, and cheese curls. A brief chapter from a series of Christian-themed stories dubbed "The Life and Times of Uncle Ray" can be found on the back of Uncle Ray's brand products. Uncle Ray's brand potato chips are currently rated the number 1,578th chip in America. They are sold in 52 stores across the U.S and in Canadian Tire Gas Plus (Gas+) stations across Canada.


'Uncle Ray' Jenkins started his career in 1965. At that time, he sold products out of the back seat of his Dodge Dart. In 1967, Ray bought 'Cabana,' a pork skins manufacturer, for $1,200 and began selling extruded corn and cheese products. Still operating under the name 'Cabana', Ray purchased a 15,000-square-foot (1,400 m2) facility in Dearborn, Michigan in 1969. By 1983, Ray was ready to expand and bought the old Superior Potato Chip factory on the west side of Detroit.

In 1993, Ray was ready to retire and sold the business to AmeriFoods. The company held Cabana Foods for only two years before selling it back to Ray. It was at this time that Ray changed the company name to Jenkins Foods and launched the 'Uncle Ray's' brand. In April 2006, Ray sold the business to a large privately held company. The new company was established under the 'Uncle Ray's, LLC' name. Ray is still active with the company, serving as president.

Uncle Ray's LLC is owned by The H. T. Hackney Company.

This is a direct lift out of website. Can’t fix now, hope this runs up flagpole. BRIEF COMPANY HISTORY: Uncle Ray's grew out of a partnership between Robert Qualls and Raymond Jenkins (brothers in-law) that began in 1965 with $75 each. They formed Raybo Foods (short for Ray & Bob). In 1967 they bought Cabana Curls which was a pork rind company and changed the name to Cabana Foods. They added several corn products throughout the 1970s and 80s including popcorn, cheese puffs/curls. In the mid 1980s the men broke into the potato chip business through a private label third party agreement. Shortly after that they acquired the assets of the defunct Superior Potato Chip company in Detroit. The company grew substantially throughout the remainder of the decade. After a very contentious legal battle which ended in the early 1990s, the two men ended their partnership which had lasted more than 25 years. Raymond Jenkins continued as the sole owner of the company until he sold it to AmeriFoods in 1993. Robert Qualls reconstituted the Superior Potato Chip company name on his own from a base of operations in northwest Indiana. After several years of very limited success, Robert sold off all the assets of his potato chip company and became heavily involved in the industrial real estate business forming Superior Real Estate Development, LTD in LaPorte, Indiana. Today (as of late 2018) his combined real estate assets total more than 1 million square feet of industrial real estate property in the area of northwest Indiana. He is the sole owner of the company and remains active in its operation.


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