Undercover Angel (film)

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Undercover Angel
DVD cover
Directed byBryan Michael Stoller
Produced byEric Abrahamson
Bryan Michael Stoller
Written byBryan Michael Stoller
StarringYasmine Bleeth
Dean Winters
Emily Mae Young
James Earl Jones
Casey Kasem
Music byGreg Edmonson
CinematographyBruce Alan Greene
Edited byStephen Adrianson
Release date
May 16, 1999 (Canada)
2000 (US)
Running time
91 minutes

Undercover Angel, also known as Un vrai petit ange (French title in Canada), is a 1999 film by writer/director Bryan Michael Stoller. The romantic comedy starred Yasmine Bleeth and Dean Winters.


Harrison (Dean Winters) is a struggling freelance writer who becomes the unwilling babysitter of a precocious little six-year-old girl, Jenny (Emily Mae Young), when her mother, Melissa (Lorraine Ansell), one of Harrison's former girlfriends whom he hasn't seen for years, asks him to babysit because she needs to be out of town for several weeks.

Harrison is originally unenthusiastic about the arrangement, but soon he develops a tenderness for Jenny after spending time with her. Little Jenny decides to play matchmaker for Harrison and Holly (Yasmine Bleeth), a beautiful woman he admires who frequently visits the same coffee shop as Harrison and Jenny.

Harrison tells stories for Jenny about Mr. Dodo—her favorite stuffed animal. Jenny secretly records them and gets Holly to transcribe the books, and they submit them to his publisher. Harrison accidentally discovers that he is Jenny's father. Jenny's mother returns early and takes her away. Harrison tries to find a job in order to have financial stability and eligible for custody of Jenny. Harrison tries to get custody of Jenny instead of her uncaring mother. The publisher contacts and contracts him for the Mr. Dodo series, which becomes a publishing success. Despite this, the judge (James Earl Jones) grants custody to Melissa. However, Melissa later realizes that she was wrong and returns Jenny to Harrison.


  • Yasmine Bleeth as Holly Anderson
  • Dean Winters as Harrison Tyler
  • Emily Mae Young as Jenny Morrison
  • James Earl Jones as The Judge
  • Casey Kasem as Himself
  • Lorraine Ansell as Melissa Morrison
  • Richard Eden as Fred
  • David L. McCallum as Dan O'Donnel (Publisher)
  • Don Quiring as Sullivan
  • Carherine Knight as Mrs. Stevens
  • Leslie Rohonoczy as Receptionist Beth
  • Carole Stoller as Mrs. Olend
  • Malcolm Younger as Go-Cart Bob
  • Rob Goyette as Table Guy Robbie
  • Carmen as Stenographer
  • Cory Sanford as Go-Cart Bystander
  • Colin Brennan as Boy In Purple Shirt At Chapters


  • Most of this film was shot on location in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada in July and August 1998. Some of the locations were the Canal Ritz Restaurant, Thunderbird Mini-golf and Go-Karts, The Supreme Court of Canada, and the Chapters location at the Pinecrest Shopping Centre. The scenes featuring Casey Kasem were filmed in a studio at CTV Ottawa.
  • A scene was scheduled to be filmed with Jim Varney but was cancelled due to Yasmine Bleeth's agent refusing to allow her to be in a movie with him. Ultimately his part was played by a local actor in Ottawa as head of the go-kart track.
  • Jay Leno was in talks to play the talk show host, but Casey Kasem ended up filling the role.
  • The Ottawa Citizen had an ad to find extras for the film. Anyone interested was asked to write a short letter and fax it in. From those, extras were chosen for filming throughout the film.
  • Glen Kulka, former football player and wrestler, moonlighted as security on the set.
  • A film premiere was held at the Coliseum Theatres on Carling Avenue the year after filming. Bryan Michael Stoller and Emily Mae Young were in attendance.

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