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Underground Baby

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Dixiayinger compilation album 2008

Underground Baby or Underbaby (地下婴儿 dìxiàyīng'ér) is a Chinese rock band.[1] Their first notable recording was in 1996 their song Dou Yiyang (都一样) was recorded on the compilation China Fire II (中国火二), followed by two more tracks on China Fire III in 1997.


  • juéxǐng 觉醒 1998


  1. ^ China With a Cut: Globalisation, Urban Youth and Popular Music 2010 -- Page 89 "Underground Baby is caught in an in-between position....Underground Baby remains pretty much in the 'rebellious' spirit of the early Chinese rock by, for example, Cui Jian. The following review reflects that position: It seems that Underground Baby is doing something different from the happy punk music by other bands such as New Pants. They haven't given up the mission and spirit shown by China's rockers during the past 10 years. The title track"