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Undertaker is another name for a funeral director, someone involved in the business of funeral rites.

(The) Undertaker may also refer to:

In music[edit]

In film and television[edit]


Sports teams[edit]

  • Port Glasgow F.C., a Scottish football club nicknamed the Undertakers
  • Houston Takers, an American Basketball Association team formerly known as the Houston Undertakers


  • The Undertaker (nickname)
  • The Undertaker, ring name of WWE professional wrestler Mark Calaway (born 1965)
  • Brian Lee (wrestler) (born 1966), a professional wrestler who went by the ring name of The Undertaker as an impostor
  • The Undertaker, stage name of DJ, rapper, and producer Prince Paul (born 1967) while performing in horrorcore rap group Gravediggaz
  • The Undertakers, a professional wrestling Jobber tag-team

Other uses[edit]