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Unibind is a subsidiary of Peleman Industries, a company that was founded in 1939 in Belgium. The Unibind brand name is associated with thermal bookbinding machines and supplies.

Unibind machines[edit]

Unibind thermal binding machines utilize "SteelBinding" technology, which uses resin, rather than glue, in a steel channel to bind the document's pages together.[1] Unibind machines provide permanent binding for hardcover, paperback and photo books. and they can bind multiple documents at one time. The machines are available in several different sizes. The largest one, the ST1025, can bind up to 50 books at once.

Unibind binding was recommended by PC Magazine, described as "elegant and efficient", comparing favourably with VeloBind and spiral-binding.[2]

Unibind covers[edit]

Unibind make covers that can be used with their machines. These include SteelBack, PhotoBook, and SteelCrystal covers.[3] The company also makes SteelBack spines that allow the machine operator to create customized covers.


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