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University Hospital Aachen
RWTH Aachen University
Front view of hospital
Universitätsklinikum Aachen
LocationAachen, North Rhine-Westphalia, DE
Affiliated universityRWTH Aachen University
Emergency departmentYes
Beds1297 [1]
University hospital Aachen
University hospital Aachen, front view
University hospital Aachen, lobby
New heliport, constructed from 2010 to 2011
Typical design elements and colors of the building

The Uniklinikum Aachen, full German name Universitätsklinikum Aachen ("University Hospital Aachen", abbreviated UKA), formerly known as Neues Klinikum ("New Clinic"), is the university hospital of the city of Aachen, Germany. It is part of the RWTH Aachen and contains its whole medical faculty.

In addition to wards and common hospital facilities such as laundry and sterilization units, the Uniklinikum Aachen houses educational and research facilities including specialized clinics, theoretical and clinical institutes, lecture halls and training rooms.

The hospital's exterior has extensive visible pipes, which give the building an industrial appearance reminiscent of an oil refinery.


In 1966 the RWTH Aachen school of medicine was founded. At that time, the municipal hospitals in Aachen became university hospitals, but soon it was realized that they were too small.

In 1972 the construction of the Klinikum Aachen began, with a project of Aachen architects Weber & Brand. Ten years later, the first rooms could be used by the faculty. The rest of the building was finished section by section. The construction was delayed because of problems with soft ground that could not support the whole building.

The official opening was celebrated in 1985. Its original name was Neues Klinikum ("New Clinic") because there was already a hospital called Klinikum in Aachen at that time; the Klinikum does not exist anymore.

Facts and figures[edit]

annual inpatients 44,768 (2008)
annual outpatients 225,727 (2008)
doctors 900 (2008)
professors 67
scientific staff 1200
non-scientific staff 5000
clinics 33
institutes 21
rooms 6600
elevators 30 (3x6 + 6x2 + 1 (working) for outpatients)
escalators 2 at the entrance


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