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Union Cemetery located on East Howard Street in Bellefonte, Pennsylvania was established in 1795.[1] Burials occurred as early as 1808, and the cemetery itself was chartered in 1856. It is the final resting place of Bellefonte's founding families, Pennsylvania Governors and their wives, U.S. Congressmen, war heroes and veterans, including black soldiers of the famous Union "Army of the James" in the American Civil War. Evan Pugh, the first President of the Pennsylvania State University is buried here.[2]

Notable interments[edit]

Notable people buried at the Union Cemetery:

Name Date of birth Date of death Notable event or occupation
Andrew G. Curtin 22 April 1817 7 October 1894 Governor of Pennsylvania
U.S. Congressman
U.S. Ambassador to Russia
William W. Potter 18 December 1792 28 October 1839 U.S. Congressman
John I. Curtin 17 June 1837 1 January 1911 American Civil War Union Brevet Brigadier General
John Blanchard 30 September 1787 9 March 1849 U.S. Congressman
James Irvin 18 February 1800 28 November 1862 U.S. Congressman
Thomas Burnside 28 July 1782 25 March 1851 U.S. Congressman
Supreme Court of Pennsylvania Associate Justice
Andrew Gregg 10 June 1755 20 May 1835 U.S. Congressman
U.S. Senator
President pro tempore of the United States Senate
Secretary of State for Pennsylvania
Evan Pugh 29 February 1828 29 April 1864 President of the Pennsylvania State University
James T. Hale 14 October 1810 6 April 1865 U.S. Congressman
James A. Beaver 21 October 1837 31 January 1914 American Civil War Union Brevet Brigadier General
Governor of Pennsylvania
President of the Pennsylvania State University
Daniel H. Hastings 26 February 1849 9 January 1903 Governor of Pennsylvania
George W. Harris 6 March 1835 30 January 1921 Union Army American Civil War Medal of Honor Recipient[3]
William H. Blair 16 July 1821 7 December 1888 American Civil War Union Brevet Brigadier General


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