Union with Scotland (Amendment) Act 1707

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The Union with Scotland (Amendment) Act 1707[1]
Long title An Act for rendring the Union of the Two Kingdoms more intire and complete.
Citation 6 Ann c 40
Territorial extent England and Wales; Scotland
Status: Amended
Revised text of statute as amended

The Union with Scotland (Amendment) Act 1707 (6 Ann c 40) is an Act of the Parliament of Great Britain. It is chapter VI in the common printed editions.[2]

This Act was partly in force in Great Britain at the end of 2010.[3]

This Act is infelicitously named. It united the English and Scottish Privy Councils and decentralised Scottish administration by appointing justices of the peace in each shire to carry out administration. In effect it took the day-to-day government of Scotland out of the hands of politicians and into those of the College of Justice.

Section 4[edit]

This section was repealed by the Schedule to the Circuit Courts and Criminal Procedure (Scotland) Act 1925.

Section 5[edit]

This section was repealed by section 175 of, and Schedule 9 to, the Representation of the People Act 1949.

Section 6[edit]

This section was repealed by the Statute Law Revision Act 1867.

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