Universidad Nueva Esparta

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Universidad Nueva Esparta
Motto Pasión por el futuro
Motto in English
Passion for the future
Type Private
Established 20 September 1954 (as Colegio Nueva Esparta)
Rector Prof. Gladys J. Carmona de Marcano
Students Uneistas
Location Caracas, Venezuela
Campus Los Naranjos, Caracas
Website une.edu.ve

Universidad Nueva Esparta is a private university in Caracas. It was founded in 1954 by Juan Bautista Marcano Marcano.

The University is located in Los Naranjos, Caracas and it was first started as an Institute until it got all requisites to become a full University.

Career options such as Computer Science, Civil Engineering, Graphic Design, and Electronic Engineering are offered inside the Campus.

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