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University Hospital of Basel
Universitaetsspital Basel.JPG
Klinikum 1
LocationBasel, Switzerland
Affiliated universityUniversity of Basel

The University Hospital of Basel (German: Universitätsspital Basel, USB), in Basel, is one of the five university hospitals of Switzerland. Since 1842 it is located in a former palace, the Markgräflerhof.

USB brings together 50 clinics, units and institutes all working together in an interdisciplinary manner[1] and employs a staff of about 5000.[2]

With an approximate 670 beds, USB is the biggest healthcare facility in north-western Switzerland.[3]

USB provides services in all fields of medicine apart from pediatrics.[4]

The hospital is well known for its special form of hormone-delivered radiotherapy to treat neuroendocrine cancer, tried by Steve Jobs in 2009.[5]


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