University of Yaoundé

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University of Yaoundé
Université de Yaoundé
Former name
Federal University of Yaoundé (1962-1973)
Type Public
Active July 26, 1962 (1962-07-26)[1]–1993 (1993)[2]
Location Yaounde, Centre,  Cameroon
Campus Ngoa-Ekelle, Soa and others
Language French, English

The University of Yaoundé (French: Université de Yaoundé) was a university in Cameroon, located in Yaoundé.

It was built with the help of France and opened in 1962 as the Federal University of Yaoundé, dropping the "Federal" in 1972 when the country was reorganized.

In 1993 following a university reform the University of Yaounde was split into two (University of Yaoundé I and University of Yaoundé II) following the university branch-model pioneered by the University of Paris.


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