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Cecil "Unk" White
Born Cecil John White
Auckland, New Zealand
Died March 1986
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Pen name Unk
Occupation Cartoonist, illustrator, artist
Nationality New Zealand

Cecil John White (1900 – March 1986), known under the pen name Unk White, was an Australian cartoonist born in Auckland, New Zealand.

He came to Sydney in 1922 with the artists Joe and Guy Lynch and was soon immersed in the bohemian scene there.[1]

He was a regular contributor to Australian magazines, notably Melbourne Punch and The Bulletin, also Smith's Weekly and Beckett's Budget.

He produced the comic strips, Freckles in 1928 and The Adventures of Blue Hardy for Pix magazine in 1938.

He was a foundation member of the Black and White Artists' Club and its first secretary.[2]

In 1944 Unk was accredited as an official war artist and saw active service with the RAAF and Royal Navy in New Guinea, the Pacific and Japan.[3]

He was also a highly regarded painter in watercolours.

From the late 1960s White drew many of the architectural drawings in the Rigby Sketchbook series.


  • Unk White's Laugh Parade Frank Johnson, Sydney 1940
  • Unk White's Second Laugh Parade Frank Johnson, Sydney 1940
  • Unk White's Giggles Pinnacle Press, Sydney 1943

illustrations for Rigby Sketchbook series (pub. Adelaide) inc.:[4]

  • The Rocks, Sydney by Olaf Ruhen, 1966
  • Sydney Harbour Sketchbook by R Sriber, 1968
  • Auckland Sketchbook by M H Holcroft, 1969
  • Norfolk Island Sketchbook by R Sriber, 1969
  • New England Sketchbook by Peter Newell, 1970
  • Ballarat and Western Goldfields Sketchbook by John Bechervaise, 1970
  • Bendigo and Eastern Goldfields Sketchbook by John Bechervaise, 1970
  • Hawkesbury River Sketchbookby Frank Cayley 1970
  • Blue Mountains Sketchbook by John Bechervaise, 1971
  • Nineteenth Century Sydney Sketchbook by Tess van Sommers, 1974
  • Paddington Sketchbook by Patricia Thompson 1975
  • Queensland Sketchbook by Peter Newell, 1976
  • Historic Sydney Sketchbook by Olaf Ruhen, Patricia Thompson, 1977 ISBN 0-7270-0276-7


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