Uno Vallman

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Uno Vallman circa 1950.

Uno Vallman (Norrala, 24 March 1913 – Stockholm, 5 September 2004) was a Swedish painter.

Vallman studied at the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm and developed a colourful naivist style of painting under the influence of Isaac Grünewald and Sven Erixson. His breakthrough came with the Ung konst ("Young art") exhibition in Stockholm in 1947. He later learned to know the Danish artist Asger Jorn, whose influence made Vallman develop a more abstract style.

Vallman has made a number of monumental paintings in churches and other public buildings, including a 240 square metre painting in the ceiling of the Storvik Church. Works by Vallman are included in collections of the Nationalmuseum and Moderna museet in Stockholm.