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Unyk.com is a contact management website that allows users to put together an intelligent address book.


Users complete their personal and professional contact information in their profile on the website. They can then aggregate the contacts from all their messaging services in their address book, and invite these contacts to complete their own profile on the website. When information is edited by a user, that information automatically appears in his contacts’ address books, and vice versa. Contrary to other sites, the user’s contacts are not visible to other users.[1]

A UNYK mobile platform, as well as a function to export contacts to major social networking platforms, are planned upgrades.[2]

Company information[edit]

The company has been in business since 2005 and has recently announced that it has reached 31 million users and more than a billion managed contacts on the site. Unyk.com was an independent company that was financed by private capital, until October 2009, when it was bought by the social network Viadeo.[3]


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