Nomoi Islands

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Nomoi Islands is located in Pacific Ocean
Nomoi Islands
Nomoi Islands
Location of the Nomoi Islands in the Pacific Ocean
NASA picture of the Nomoi Islands with larger Satawan Atoll and Lukunor displayed whole; Etal Atoll is only partly seen

The Nomoi Islands, also known as Mortlock Islands, are a group of three large atolls in the state of Chuuk, Federated States of Micronesia. They are located about 250 kilometres (160 miles) to the southeast of Chuuk.[1]


The Mortlock Islands are Ettal, Namoluk, Ta, Nama, Oneop, Losap, Moch, Picemwar, Satowan, Lukunor (Likinioch), and Kuttu (KuKuttu). Losap, Nama, and Namoluk are clustered to the northwest of the other islands and are also called the Upper Mortlock Islands or Eastern Islands.

Satawan, the southern atoll, is the largest. Both Etal,[2] the northern one, and Lukunor[3] in the northeast are much smaller. They are located between 6 and 9 kilometres (3.7 and 5.6 miles) from each other.


They were sighted by the Spanish expedition of Álvaro de Saavedra in 1528.[4]

Captain James Mortlock was sailing from Port Jackson to Whampoa in Young William when he rediscovered two sets of islands on 19 and 27 November 1795. Confusingly, both were later called Mortlock Islands.[5]


The Mortlock Islands remain more traditional than the inner lagoon islands. The language spoken at Mortlock is similar to the normal Lagoon language but spoken and pronounced differently. With a few different words. Ex: Lagoon people would say " Nengin " meaning, Girl. The Mortlock people will say " Liera " Which also means Girl.

Also the Mortlock language uses "Sh" in a replacement for "Ch" Ex: Lagoon people would say "Chuuk" Mortlock people will say "Shuuk"

And the Mortlock people do not use "N" they use "L" as a replacement. ( Although not all "N"s will change) Ex: Lagoon people would say " Nesor Anim " meaning, GOOD MORNING. The Mortlock people would say " Lesor Alem "

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Coordinates: 5°29′30″N 153°37′30″E / 5.49167°N 153.62500°E / 5.49167; 153.62500