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Urban Creep were a seminal South African rock band.

The band was formed in 1994 and recorded two critically acclaimed[1] albums, `Sea Level` and `Tightroper`. `Sea Level` was nominated for Rock album of the year 1995 at the South African Music Industry awards. `Sea Level` and `Slow Thighs` both got to number 1 on the 5fm top 40 in 1995 and 1997 respectively.

According to well known musician and critic Dave Marks:

"Chris Letcher's finger-picking acoustic & electric guitar style, unique vocals & song writing abilities combined with the classical & maskanda strains of Brendan Jury's violin, keyboards & rock vocals, made the Creeps the urban legend & sensation they were".[2]

The band members were Brendan Jury (viola, keyboard and vocals), Chris Letcher (guitar and vocals), Ross Campbell (drums) and Didier Noblia (bass).[3] Ross Campbell originally drummed for the Durban band, Celtic Rumours (Slow Rain) and with Nibs van der Spuy in Plagal Cadence.


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