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Urs Amann (born 1951) is a Swiss surrealist painter. He is mostly known as the painter of the cover art for several Klaus Schulze records, all in a style reminiscent of Salvador Dalí. He also illustrated the covers of many books, including some of his brother Jürg Amann,[1] who is a Swiss writer. Urs Amann likes to qualify his work as "meta-realistic painting".


Urs Amman was born 1951 in Winterthur. During 1971, in Berlin, he produced his first oil paintings. In 1972, he followed the course of the Form+Farbe school in Zurich. Since 1974, he has been an independent artist, and since 1980, he has been a member of the Winterthur artists group.[2]

Cover art[edit]

Note: some records (Irrlicht, Cyborg, and Picture Music) have been published several times under various covers from other artists.

Klaus Schulze[3]
Adelbert Von Deyen
  • Atmosphere (1980)
Wolfgang Bock
  • Cycles (1980)


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