Ursus (praefectus urbi)

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Ursus (floruit 415-416) was a politician of the Eastern Roman Empire, praefectus urbi of Constantinople in 415-416.


In 415 Ursus was praefectus urbi of Constantinople. On September 4, he escorted the relics of Joseph and Zechariah that were brought in the Great Church;[1] he is attested in office by laws issued on October 31, 415,[2] and February 17, 416.[3] In 415 the Western Emperor, Honorius, had defeated an usurper, Priscus Attalus; on June 28, 416, Ursus celebrated the event with shows in the theatre.[4] That same year, he is also attested in office by a law addressed to him and issued on July 23,[5] while on September 30 he escorted Emperor Theodosius II, returning to Constantinople from Heraclea.[4]


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