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Who Am I


I was a writer in the Hebrew Wikipedia for about a year . My main field is football (soccer), though I did have a part in writing articles about video games, like Crysis (FA in Hebrew) and about music, especially metal music.

Practically, my contributions here will involve interwiki to Hebrew articles, as well as minor fixes in football articles which I read here a lot. I also like cooperating with other Wikipedians when I find errors that I can't handle alone.

What I like about the English Wikipedia is the intense update work done here and the huge variety of articles. However, things often get out of hand and many articles about minor issues are being written, while more important issues are left out. This is why I think that many articles should be deleted and a strict policy needs to be taken. When people will stop writing about un-encyclopedic issues, they will start investing their time in the things we really need information about.

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