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Books-aj.svg aj ashton 01.svg This user talk page was created as part of the 1013 Project. It was used by one of the members of an introductory composition class at the University of Minnesota. The project was active from April 16 to May 9, 2007, and has now been archived at User:1013-josh/archive. This user may or may not still be active on Wikipedia.

1013 Project Notes Archived[edit]

Hi Alex, Thanks for learning Wikipedia with me and the class. I have moved your workshop notes and all the other content from your talk page to User:1013-alex/archive. If you stick around Wikipedia after class is over, you can continue to use this account for new contributions, and you'll have a fresh start with a clean talk page. 1013-josh 00:30, 21 May 2007 (UTC)