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About User: 4tiggy[edit]

I am a Canadian, living and working in Edmonton, Alberta. I am new to Wikipedia and the community ... so I am hoping that all experienced members of the Wikipedia community will have patience with this newbie. My work in this community is part of a service learning approach course that explores, engages, and contributes to this incredible web-based encyclopedia.I have called out for an ambassador/mentor, but am not sure if I got the process right and my call was heard... so if a mentor out there would like to take me under their wings as I figure out this process and contribute in a meaningful way, I would be grateful.

Areas Of Interest[edit]


  • University of Alberta [1]: Masters of Communication & Technology[2] (enrolled in cohort 2011)
  • University of Alberta: Certificate in Adult & Continuing Education
  • University of Alberta: Bachelor of Science (H.Ec.) - Nutrition
  • University of Alberta: Bachelor of Arts - Sociology
  • University of Alberta: Diploma in Dental Hygiene[3][4]

List of Fellow MACT members[edit]

(If I have missed any classmate in Comm 597 ... please add your name to the list)

  • Sylvia
  • Carolyn
  • Marc
  • Trish
  • Marc
  • Linda
  • Elizabeth
  • YuJia
  • Greg
  • Darrell
  • Jill

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